blue square Luc Guyot

Current position: post-doc at the Biorob, EPFL

I joined the Biorob on January 2012 to work as post-doc researcher on the CTI funded project "Fluid mechanics and generic joint modeling for advanced robot prototyping". This project consists in implementing new modules and new virtual devices in the Webots simulation software. The developments will increase interactivity and allow generic simulation of flying, marine and under-water robots.

  • The first part comprises interactive features and new API functions that give users a better control of simulations. It will provide them with the the ability to
    • apply a force, or a torque, to any animated solid,
    • resize any shape or change any physic parameter at run time,
    • retrieve the contact points of any animated solid,
    • retrieve the center of mass of any articulated body,
    • retrieve the boolean value of static balance test based on the support polygon of any articulated body.
    Are also considered the ability to
  • The second part comprises the implementation of a more flexible design for mechanical joints in Webots as well as new joints including (active and passive versions):
  • The third part comprises the implementation of buoyancy, drag forces, flows of particles and propeller devices. Flows are designed to simulate the impact of propulsion on the environment while propellers allow robots to move in the air or under water.
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